Week 4 Day 24 – 1 mile warm-up, P90X back & biceps

Whoever says marathon training is easy is a liar! Oh wait…no one says that! Marathon training is grueling. It takes so much dedication and sometimes I wonder what I got myself into. I second guess myself at least twice a day! All I kept thinking about at work was “I just want to go home and sit and do nothing!”

Not very motivating I know. Let me explain. See, we have cats.


Somehow those adorably cute cats decided (willingly or unwillingly) to rent their bodies out to fleas. Yes, you read that right. I said fleas. I HATE fleas. I am not sure how long this tenant/renter relationship was going on behind my back but I caught it last week and flipped my little OCD lid. I bathed them, cleaned the house top to bottom, applied a medication to their backs, bombed all three levels of my home, sprinkled diatomaceous earth on all rugs and carpets (boy was that a mess!) and laundered anything that could go through the washer and dryer that they like to frequent. A week later (last night to be exact), I checked the cats using a flea comb and wouldn’t you know! FLEAS! So, here I am a week later having given not just 1 but 2 cats 3 flea baths, 2 applications of flea meds on their backs, bombed the house with bug bombs twice, laundered countless piles of possible flea infested items, and vacuumed the same spots in my house more times than I can count on my pretty little fingers and toes. We initially used Frontline on the cats and that did absolutely nothing. I actually think it attracted more fleas! Last night, we tried Advantage II. My fingers, toes, eyes, you name it are all crossed in hopes that it works! Ok back to marathon training…

Tonight I started with a warm-up mile around the block. Unfortunately I live at the bottom of a hill so if I wanted a swift mile, I’d have to look elsewhere. Anyway, I warmed up with an easy 9:06 mile.


My strength training consists of 2-3 days a week of P90X workouts (of my choosing and depending on how long my run is the next day). I would hate to do the leg workout the day before a 10+ mile run! I also throw in Ab Ripper X every few days. I know I’m not doing the P90X workout system the way it was intended but I truly believe I am getting results doing it the way I am. Tony Horton is amazing and really keeps me motivated during my workouts. If you haven’t heard of P90X, I highly recommend you look it up if you are looking for a good workout program to get lean and/or build muscle.

Today I contemplated added 2 more local races to my calendar which you can find on the Upcoming races and PRs tab. Running is such an expensive hobby and I struggle with what I need more of. Races? Running clothes? Curtains for my house? A new Pinterest project to complete? I need to win the lottery 😉

Tomorrow is a rest day for me. That means I will be taking a complete day of rest from any and all forms of exercise. I won’t even talk about it which means I will have to blog about something else. Thursday blog entries will be completely unrelated from running, racing, marathon training, etc.

That is all for now! Happy Running Runthusiasts!!


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Running enthusiast, health nut, mom, pinterest addict!
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