Week 4 Day 25 – 4.12 miles

Today was supposed to be a 5.5 mile day but I could tell that wouldn’t be the case when I received a call from my husband telling me he was going to stop at Lowes on his way home. If you know anything about my husband, you know he can get lost in Lowes. The kind of lost where you find him and he runs away giggling into the hardware section. The kind of lost where he hides behind the interior doors that are lined up nicely awaiting purchase as if I can’t see him!


So, I get home from work at 4:30, play with Stephanie in the front yard, feed her and myself dinner, tidy up the house, give Stephanie a bath, have some more playtime, start laundry, prepare her for bed…you see where I’m headed here? By the time baby girl was down for the count it was 7:48. Sunset is 8:16!! So as not to mislead, my husband did come home within that time but he made another trip back to Lowes to place an order for carpet to be installed in our basement. There is always a project going on in our house and it is cutting into my training time hardcore!!!

Alas, I did get a run in but it got dark on me and I’m a wuss when it comes to running in my neighborhood in the dark. Too many crazies in the world to risk it! I had to settle with 4.12 miles in my hot pink Mizuno Wave Sayonaras. I will be wearing these for the Rock N Roll Half in Virginia Beach on September 1 and I feel they are almost broken in to my liking. I think Stephanie agrees with me 🙂


Ok, on to the good stuff. 4.12 miles finished in 35:09. 8:32 pace which I’m pleased with considering it was mid 80’s and insanely humid throughout. I started out feeling pretty good but developed a weird pain right under my sports bra on my left side around mile 2. I’ve had this happen before and I always wonder if it means I’m wearing my sports bra too tight!? Whatever the case may be, it was replaced by a cramp on my right side by mile 3. I just catch catch a break! Until I reach the homestretch of course! By the end, my hair was soaked and I felt like I had just climbed a steep 4 mile mountain of sand in the Sahara desert. It’s important to remember not every training run will be awesome and leave you feeling amazing. But I’m okay with that. It’s the trying runs that test you and determine your strength in my opinion!


I think I deserve a beer for my hard work! It’s not easy staying motivated for a Friday night run! Oh by the way…football is back!! Go Steelers! My husband is a Redskins fan. We are heading to the preseason game at FedEx field in Maryland on August 19th. The last time we went to a preseason game (same two teams), the Steelers lost…but its okay because we beat Redskins a few months later during the regular season on home turf for which my husband and I were also in attendance! It’s fun being married to a Skins fan!



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