Week 5 Day 28 – Hills/Sprints/Ab Ripper X

Hi, my name is Laura and I am a neat freak. Yes, it’s true. I vacuum my house two, sometimes three, times a day. I mop daily. I own 3 vacuum cleaners. I probably spend more money each year on cleaning related items than I do on my own wardrobe…and I LOVE clothes! You might be wondering what this has to do with marathon training. Well, I assure you there is a point to this.


See that mess?? I left it. Alone. Untouched. To go workout. Dirty dishes in the sink you lose. I win! This is huge for me! Yes, I may have finished my cool down mile in the dark but imagine how late it would have been if I had taken care of those dishes! Normally, leaving such a mess for an extended period of time (you know, more than 10 seconds) would eat away at me until I snapped, broke down, and cleaned the mess. But not tonight! I am one proud gal over here 🙂

My workout was kind of thrown together tonight. I don’t have a track nearby so I have been putting speed workouts on the back burner. I’m not proud and I know better. I know that to reach my goals, I need to make them a bigger part of my training. So, I consider tonight a win in the “add more speed workouts to my regimen” column. I didn’t track my speed for this as this was more of a trial run to see if it will work for me in the future (I may end up doing this on the dreaded treadmill instead). So, it went like this:

~sprint for roughly 20-30 seconds
~recovery jog for roughly 30-40 seconds
~repeat for 2 miles

I ended up with an 8:26 first mile and an 8:19 second mile. Let me mention that I live on a loop street that is exactly one mile so it works like a track. Only downside? It’s a hill. Half mile up, half mile down. Hence why I consider this a dual workout. So, while it wasn’t the best speed workout, it was a nice hill workout.


I followed that up with Ab Ripper X which always feels great! In the words of Tony Horton, do your best and forget the rest! I used to hate doing any and all abdominal exercises and had all but written them off until after Stephanie was born. Again, I owe her a lot! 🙂 I ended my workout with a cool down mile around my loop for an 8:21 pace. Another day, another workout complete!


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4 Responses to Week 5 Day 28 – Hills/Sprints/Ab Ripper X

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    That’s a great speed workout!! And man, I wish I had your cleaning drive… wanna come and mop for me? 🙂

  2. Nice pace on your run and good for you on passing up the dirty sink for a workout! ; )

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