Week 5 Day 30 – 7.5 miles

Runs like the one I did tonight get me more and more excited for speed work. I see the potential for improvement and know speed work will help me immensely to break into the 7’s for the duration of my runs. I remember when I thought 8’s would never happen. When 9’s had tormented me year after year. When I finally broke into the 8’s, I felt like I had broken into an elite club. Little did I know, there was another elite club right above that one. One day!!

So, here’s the breakdown of tonight’s amazing run, thanks in part to the even more amazing fall-like weather! Fall is my favorite season as a runner! The last half mile was run at a 6:45 pace. There were too many splits to fit onto the screen together.


I feel the need to say that I have never in my life run that fast for that long. It’s fun breaking personal records 🙂

I definitely need to invest in a GPS watch to better track my pace. But, that’s on my list of things to buy AFTER more sports bras (I love my Shock Absorber Run and Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer II sports bras!!!), running shorts (big fan of the Nike rival 2″ run shorts), running tanks, compression socks, sunglasses, and another pair of running shoes (cant decide between Brooks Pure Connect 2, Pure Cadence 2, the Nike Flyknit Lunars, or another pair of Mizunos). Add to that list the local races that I plan to sign up for and running is a crazy expensive hobby/sport! I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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2 Responses to Week 5 Day 30 – 7.5 miles

  1. Great run! When I first started running 8 months ago I was in the 7s club (7 min kms) and progressively I’ve chewed through the 6s over a few months each run improving avg pace from 6:25 to 6:20 to 6:10 and 6:05 over longer and longer distances. Finally yesterday I smashed into the 5s club with an avg pace of 5:55 over 10km! Suuuuuuuuuuper proud! It does feel like breaking into an elite club! I wonder if I could ever break into the 4s club? What’s your ultimate pace?

    • Runthusiast says:

      Nice! I’m so jealous! I honestly can’t imagine ever running in the 6’s for long distances. Realistically, my ultimate pace for distance would be 7:30’s. I’d love to get my 5k and 10k down. I run a lot of local races and placing in those is so cool (happened once lol). I would love to be more competitive locally!

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