Hartwood 10 mile – Race Recap

I woke up at 5:15 for this race. It started at 7:15 so I wanted to give myself ample time to prepare. Well, the minute I woke up I noticed the sound of rain outside. I immediately thought “well, this is going to be fun” (sarcasm). I hit the snooze button a bunch of times, unsure if I was going to run the race. I really enjoy running in 60 degree weather. But 60’s and rain? Yuck! Rain is like a monkey wrench (to me anyway) on race days. It requires careful consideration of your wardrobe to ensure that even once you’re saturated, you’re still comfortable and cool and well, to be honest, it just sucks! I don’t like rain! Ever! I continued to flip back and forth multiple times about whether I was running or not. Did I mention I HATE running in the rain?! Anyway, I knew that if I didn’t run this race, I wouldn’t get my 10 mile marathon training run in so rain or shine, I finally decided I was going to run. I quickly ate some waffles with syrup which I have never eaten before a race but i was craving them so bad! I know experts always say don’t eat something new on race day but oh well! After eating and getting dressed, I drove over to Curtis Memorial Park for the race. I made it with minutes to spare! And I’m so glad I did! Official results have not been made public yet (I will update when they are) but according to my mapmyrun app, I ran a PR setting 10 miles and was on pace to blow by half marathon PR out of the water! I’m bummed that my splits didn’t load!!


I was able to find a woman that seemed to set a good pace for me and ran with her for much of the race. I passed her around mile 4 and then she passed me around mile 5 and then I passed her again around mile 6 and then she passed me again around mile 9. Mid-race we introduced ourselves…felt it was necessary 🙂 I definitely owe her for helping me stay on pace. Headphones weren’t allowed on the course and I have yet to buy a GPS watch so I was out of luck to track my pace! Speaking of the course, I loved it! It was a little hilly between miles 6-9 but my neighborhood is very hilly so I was happily prepared! I can’t wait to run this race again next year!


All finishers got a commemorative beer glass! I love getting something useful like this instead of a medal! Don’t get me wrong though, I love my medal collection 🙂

Unfortunately, the rain prevented my fan crew from attending the race so I didn’t stay for the ceremony afterwards. I really wanted to since they were serving beer at the ceremony but I wanted to get home and out of the rain! My husband texted me right before i finished that him and Stephie were proud of me for being a badass and racing in the rain…made me feel like a badass!

My post race shower was amazing after being out in the cold rain for a few hours and I plan on spending the rest of this lovely, rainy Sunday cuddling with my mini-me!


*Updated results*



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