Week 7 Day 45 – 5.8 miles with a treat!

This past weekend I played around with some calf exercises and I am STILL feeling the pain from it. Tonight’s run felt good but I am slightly nervous that my calves won’t be back to normal in time for my half marathon on Sunday. Eek! I ran my normal hilly 5.5 mile route and after the first mile clocked in under 8:30, I decided I wanted to take it a tad easier since this is a semi-taper run.

The run looked like this:


I ran in some new running shorts I bought from Moving Comfort. I really liked them and will be running in them on Sunday. They don’t have the slits on the sides but honestly, I didn’t need them. They are so roomy yet don’t look baggy on. They also have a zippered pocket in the back for a key or GU gel. The ones pictured below we’re on sale for $27.99! I got them in black as well which were regularly priced at $45. Overall, I would recommend them!


After I finished my run, I decided to try a WOD at home workout that I found on Pinterest. I modified it some to make it more interesting. Here is what I came up with:


I finished the 7 rounds in 6:51. I think I am going to make this WOD thing a weekly occurrence. It was fun and hard at the same time. Can’t wait to do it again! Feel free to share your Pinterest workouts! I would love to try them!


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