2013 VA Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon Recap

I hate this race. But I love this race! I’ve done it 2 times so far (including this weekend) and both times I have walked away from the finish line saying “that’s the last time I run that!” But I know deep down I’m a liar. This race tempts you with its fast, flat, PR attainable course, beautiful boardwalk finish line, one of the nicer technical t-shirts I have received, live music at each mile, and a pretty neat finishers medal! The heat and humidity puts just enough of a damper on this race to make you think twice about signing up again but not enough to actually deter you!

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Heading to the race that morning, my nerves were definitely there as they are with every long race. Will I feel good? Will I achieve my goal time? Will something bad happen causing me to stop running? I second guess everything from the shoes I decided to wear to the ponytail holder! What if it doesn’t hold my hair back the whole time?! This is why other runners will always tell you “never run a race in something you haven’t worn before!!!” Great advice in my opinion and I give the same advice to people who ask me.


My daughter and husband came to cheer me on and I love that she was so excited! You can’t see it in the picture but we bought her a Brooks onesie that says “Mommy Rocks” on it and has a picture of a guitar running and wearing running shoes. How cute is that?! Me on the other hand, I wore my Moving Comfort running shorts, Moving Comfort sports bra, Nike mesh running tank, and my Mizuno Wave Sayonaras. I decided to wear a hat because I knew the sun would be brutal (and it was!) and I’m glad I did because it kept the sweat out of my eyes.

I felt great the first 6 miles of the race. The course was nicely shaded and running by the beach created nice breeze. The came the sun. And the stagnant humidity. It kinda sucked running past spectators who looked so jubilant and fresh cheering us on. For a moment, I wanted to be them. The next half of the race pretty much felt like it did the first time I was here. I struggled to get a good deep cool breath, the water stops were used for stopping, I prayed for the GU gel to give me some kind of superman strength, and I contemplated quitting the race a few times between miles 9-11 because I started to feel symptoms of heat exhaustion and was and still am afraid of passing out. But by mile 12, we were back near the beach and a breeze could be felt once again.


It rejuvenated me and I felt good again. So I chugged along for the last 2.1 miles and finished with a new PR of 1:56:27. 4 minutes off my goal time but I am happy with it because of the amount of time I wasted at the water stops. My previous best on this course was 2:10:18. I shattered that time by nearly 16 minutes! How cool is that?!


My next race is a 5k fundraiser this weekend. I don’t like the distance but I’m running it for a good cause. I don’t expect much from myself! I’ll be happy with a sub 24 minute time. In the meantime, it’s back to marathon training! I ran an easy 5 miles on the treadmill at a 9:00 minute mile pace the day after the race along with doing P90X Ab Ripper X, did P90X legs and back on Tuesday, and ran 7.48 hilly miles outside last night at an average 8:18 pace. Today is finally my rest day! I hope to post my workouts again starting next week. Busy busy busy!!


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8 Responses to 2013 VA Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon Recap

  1. Great run!! Do you find you’re more motivated to run when your family is there to cheer you on?

    • Runthusiast says:

      Definitely! I know they wouldn’t ever be disappointed in me for not finishing strong (especially since my daughter is too young to understand right now) but I love knowing they will be there to yell my name and cheer me to the finish! Spectators in general motivate me to keep going too. I think my favorite sign at a race is “Don’t stop, we’re all watching you!” It helps a lot 🙂

      • In my 12km race I hurt really badly at yhe 8km mark- the only thing that kept me moving was my family at the finish line! I am rustling up as many friends and family as possible for my first half marathon in 5 weeks in the hope they’ll help me across the line! Great time btw!!

  2. Runthusiast says:

    Oh your first half!! That’s exciting! Which race are you running?? GOOD LUCK!!

  3. I live in VB and always go back and forth on running RNR VB. It’s right in my backyard so I feel like I should, but it always ends up being miserable with the heat and humidity! Congrats on your PR!

  4. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Wow! Awesome job- that is a huge pr! And especially in the heat- if you had a cooler day, you definitely would have hit your goal!

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