Week 8 Day 54 – 15 mile run

My weekend was super busy and I knew if I put my first long (and by long I mean more than 10 miles) run off until afterwards, it wouldn’t happen. To be honest, I’m surprised it happened anyway. I ran 15 miles (the most I had ever run before this was 13.1) after work. On a Friday! I’m pretty impressed with myself considering the stress of my job sends me home begging for a drink on the regular. Couple that with the fact that its Friday and its a recipe for laziness! But alas, I got home, shoved my face full of bagel and cream cheese, waited an hour, and then set out on my run. While this was just a training run, it was also a race against the sun. I was able to get in 13.31 miles outside and had to finish the last 1.7 on the treadmill.

My feet and muscles felt awesome after the run which gives me a lot of confidence going forward with my marathon training. I remember when I would run 8 or more miles training for my first half marathon and my legs ached so bad the day after I could barely walk. And that was pre-baby. It feels amazing knowing I’m in better shape post-baby! Speaking of babies, I love her 🙂

I made today an off day since I was working from home. I wanted to spend the day catching up with my family since I was away from the house for much of the weekend. I ran a 5k on Sunday that I will recap tomorrow. I hope everyone in the blogging world had a great weekend and found time for running!


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2 Responses to Week 8 Day 54 – 15 mile run

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Doesn’t it feel awesome to run further than you’ve ever run before? Awesome pace, too. Nice work!!

  2. Wow! A run on a Friday afternoon AND you got home and finished the distance on the treadmill instead of collapsing on the couch!! My goodness woman you’re awesome!!

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