Moss Free Clinic 5k race recap

I ran a 5k on Sunday morning that a friend had asked me to sign up for. It was for a great cause so aside from the already busy weekend (Nascar race on Saturday, VA beach on Sunday for my sisters 21st birthday) I had planned out for myself, I thought “why not!”

*Photo courtesy of the Lloyd F. Moss Clinic

It wasn’t the largest crowd which would explain why I came in first in my age group (30-34) however it was quite fun being so far ahead of most of the other participants! For the first time ever I was being cheered on by some of the slower runners and walkers as we looped back around to the start/finish line. Usually I am the one cheering! What a nice change of scenery! I ended up running the 3.1 miles with an average pace of 8:06 per mile. Mile 2 was mostly uphill and my split for that mile paid the price.

Mile 1: 8:03
Mile 2: 8:34
Mile 3: 7:36

The last .1 mile was somewhere around 6:30. I wish I had pushed myself harder for that last mile!

Race results!

Now I am very aware of my place in the racing world. I’m not great but I’m not entirely a back of the pack racer either. I usually place in the top 30% of all participants when I race and the top 15% of females. But I can be honest and admit that I only finished 1st in my age group in this race because of a lack of participation by our local “speedies” as I refer to them. But, I will take my trophy and display it proudly with all of my finishers medals! I am proud of myself and my accomplishment! I will use it as motivation to work harder, get stronger, and run faster. One day, I would like to be referred to as a local “speedy!”

(Sorry for the lack of pictures! I hope to have a picture of my finish. Since I ran the race and then quickly dashed away to VA beach, I didn’t take any pictures but the race coordinators said they would email them out.)


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