Steph’s first race!

Talk about a proud mommy moment right here! My daughter ran her first race this weekend and it was amazing witnessing it right alongside her.  She did so well and had fun the entire time considering it was over 80 degrees and sunny out. It was a local 1/4 mile fun run that I definitely plan to sign her up for next year! While waiting to start, she kept asking for a balloon (she kept seeing other kids with them but I wasn’t sure where they came from) and right as we were about to run, a nice man came up asking if she wanted a balloon. “Uh yes please!” was my immediate response!  I am pretty sure she was going to be one unhappy camper if she didn’t get a balloon so I was very thankful someone offered here one! Since it was such a hot and sunny day, I carried a sippy cup of water as I ran next to her and I’m thankful I did as she asked me for a water break about halfway through. Other than that stop, she ran the entire distance! That is no small feat when you are under 3 years old and your legs are so short!    As we approached the finish line, I noticed some official race photographers which I thought was very cool for such a small, local event. I jumped at the opportunity to buy them which I never do because they can be quite expensive. These pictures were no exception but they were worth every penny! This one is my favorite of her nearing the finish line. She saw her daddy and sister waiting to cheer her to the finish and got so excited! I just love her running form! She’s a natural.Upon signing her up for the race, I told her there would be a medal waiting for her at the finish line. She loves playing with all of my finisher medals that I’ve collected so I knew she would be so excited to finally get one of her own. After crossing the finish and receiving one, her enthusiasm and excitement did not disappoint! She was literally jumping with joy!Really though, look at that face! I totally think I’ve sparked a love affair and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she may follow in my footsteps. I would love to be able to run races together when she is older.


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