Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5k Race Recap (2016)

Yesterday I ran the local Mary Washington Healthcare YMCA Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5 km in my hometown. I am always so excited to start Thanksgiving with a race before feasting on some amazing food! The race started at 9:05am so after making pancakes for breakfast Kevin and I headed to my parent’s house around 8am with the kids in tow to drop them off. I am always nervous before a race no matter how big or small, how long or short, and how I plan to race it but for some reason this race didn’t make me nervous like I thought it would. Maybe it was expectations or maybe it was confidence in my training but thankfully I was pretty excited and ready to get going! 

Autumn and Mommy before the race!

After the kids were settled, we headed out to the race site to pick up our packets and do a much needed warm-up run. I am weird about numbers and with this race ending at .1, I decided to run .9 for a warm-up to bring myself to an even 4 miles. The weather conditions were pretty favorable for late November – mid 40’s with little to no wind. My goal for this race was simply to get a new PR. I had no idea what I was capable of since I’m in the middle of marathon training and haven’t run a 5k competitively in a year (my PR is from this race last year!) but I figured I could accomplish that at least.

Getting ready to run

Kevin and I started together but we didn’t run together. I told him I would cheer for him at the finish line. 😉 While we waited for the gun to signal the start of the race, I stretched out my legs and we gave each other pep talks. Before we knew it, the gun went off and it was time to go!

I felt so great the first mile and probably could have run faster but I’m just not that great at pacing for such a short race. There were 2 small hills during the first mile and I had to do some shuffling around other runners but overall I was pleased with my effort.

Mile 1: 6:53

I tried not to pace stalk my watch and just run based on effort and I’m not sure if that helped or hurt. There was 1 water station around the 1.5 mile mark and I was a little surprised to see people stopping for water. I nearly collided with a small group of younger people who had slowed to drink their water but was able to get my momentum back shortly before a hill to end the 2nd mile.

Mile 2: 7:07

I was feeling so good knowing the race was almost over and I still felt like I had enough in the tank for a good kick at the end. I was passing people and not getting passed for a change in a 5k and I ran with a huge smile on my face knowing I was going to PR. 

Mile 3: 7:04 

As I rounded the final turn, I sprinted to the finish line and was so happy to see 22:10 on my watch as I crossed – a new 5k PR. I got an update that I had run a new watch 5k PR in 21:47 – I ran 3.17 according to it – and couldn’t wait to tell Kevin. 

Last .17: 1:04 (6:28 pace)

I hovered around the finish line to cheer Kevin’s arrival. He crossed the finish line and I said “you did amazing, how do you feel?” He replied “dead” and the course officials got a big laugh at that. I’m so proud of him though because he hasn’t been running much and he still did so well! 

Overall I am thrilled with how the morning went. The weather was amazing. The race setup was great and well organized. It was the first time I’ve ever run a 5k and felt great the entire time. I was so happy to have such positive support during the race. It was a great way to start the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving! 

New watch PR!


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