Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 14

What a week! I ran early, I ran late, I became a Nuun Ambassador, and I placed 2nd overall in a race! I’m on cloud 9 right now! The BIG race is getting closer and closer and I cannot wait!! Here’s the recap of how the week went! 

Sunday: 8 mile easy run @ an 8:38 pace. After running 16 miles yesterday, I was very surprised at how easy this run felt. I feel myself getting more and more anxious for my race by the day. I ordered a new shirt to keep me motivated these last few weeks of training from a new local company that I highly recommend called On Your Marq. This shirt is super soft y’all! 

Monday: 1 up, 4×1.5 miles with 800m recovery, 1 down for 10 total miles @ a 7:32 average pace. Splits for the repeats were 7:00, 6:56, 6:56, and 6:55. I’m starting to feel like I’ve clicked over to a new speediness these past few weeks and it’s been fun seeing what I’m capable of and comparing it with past runs. These paces used to be my mile repeat paces and now they feel much easier and controlled as tempo paces. 

Tonight I also got the amazing news that I was chosen as a Nuun ambassador! I’m very excited to partner with them and share my love for their amazing products. Currently, my favorite is their cherry limeade energy tablets. I drop one in my water bottle for every run! 

Tuesday: 6 mile easy run @ an 8:35 average pace. Kevin and I had plans after work so I knew I needed to get this run out of the way early…like ‘before coffee’ early. I’m definitely not a morning person and struggle with life before coffee but thankfully one thing I do well before coffee is run. This was my 7th day of running in a row and I logged 65 miles over that time span thanks to a busy schedule that required me to move my rest day from today to Thursday.

Wednesday: 10 mile long run @ an 8:29 average pace. If I thought yesterday was hard, today was even harder. I had to get up at 5:15am to get this run done in time for me to be at work. I dealt with a slight side stitch for much of the run but thankfully it didn’t wreak enough havoc that I couldn’t finish the run. Kevin went out and got Starbucks while I was running and that was such an awesome treat to come upstairs to. Today’s run was supposed to be a 9 mile tempo run but I’m running that 15k tune-up race on Saturday so I switched Saturday’s long run for today’s tempo run. Today was my 8th day of running in a row. So excited for tomorrow’s rest day!! 

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: 10 mile easy paced run @ an 8:33 average pace. Splits were consistent throughout. We are headed to Myrtle Beach for my tune-up race tomorrow so I had to get this run done early and I’m glad I did because running 10 miles after being in a car for 6 hours sounds terrible! 

Saturday: North Myrtle Beach Winter Run 15k 🏁 in 1:09:09 @ a 7:26 average pace. It was good for 2nd place overall female! 🥈I was shooting for a 7:25 average pace and I am so incredibly happy with my effort! I was nervous at first because around mile 1.5 I had a side stitch that didn’t go away until about mile 3 and mile 2 was my slowest mile @ 7:36. Thankfully I was able to rebound and make up the lost time. A huge shoutout to my boyfriend for coming with me to the start and seeing me through the finish, taking pics, and hanging out afterwards. Love love love having support!! ❤️ Race recap will be posted soon! And how about that backdrop?! 😂 

Total Mileage for the week: 53.3

Last weeks recap: Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 13


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One Response to Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 14

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Congrats on 2nd and a great race! Love that the finish line was right in the middle of a construction zone. Typical MB in the off season, lots of these projects going on. You had a HUGE week of training and I can’t believe you got all that in AND ran a tune up race! You’re going to rock the marathon, I will be there for the half!

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