Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 18

2 weeks to go!!! I am so excited to run this race. This was my 2nd to last week of hard running and included my last back to back 10 milers. My marathon shoes are now feeling broken in and ready to go, I’m feeling zero twinges, aches, or pains, and my outfit is picked out and ready to go. Here’s how the week went! 

Sunday: 8 mile recovery run @ an 8:18 average pace. My legs felt good after yesterday’s 16 miler so I didn’t worry about the pace being faster than normal. I was just so excited to get back to the family because the kids’ cousins were hanging out for the afternoon/evening and I love a full house!! 6 kids, 2 adults, loads of fun! The weather was gorgeous outside and I even broke a sweat! It felt amazing to run in mid 60s and sun and I’m officially over winter and ready for spring and summer. 

Monday: 1 up, 4×1.5 mile repeats with 800m recovery, 1 down for 10 total miles @ a 7:39 avg pace. Repeat averages were 7:04, 7:03, 7:02, and 7:04. I felt really strong running these and I think my first race after the marathon is going to be a 5k to see if I’ve gotten faster. After my run I used my new roller that Kevin got me. Oh it hurts so good!! It’s definitely helped work out some kinks that started creeping up in recent weeks. 

Tuesday: 6 mile run broken into a 3 mile run in the morning and a 3 mile run in the evening with Kevin. I started too late in the morning to finish all 6 miles so I asked Kev if he wanted to run with me after work and he said yes. Don’t all couples run together on Valentine’s Day? 😍

Wednesday: 1 up, 10 miles @ ~20 seconds faster than goal MP, 1 down for 12 total miles @ a 7:40 average pace. I ran in the morning because I was picking the kids up after work and thankfully I never felt zapped of energy. It felt controlled and I felt strong. I was even able to pick up the pace as I went along. 1 more tempo run left! 

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: 10 mile easy/long run @ an 8:29 average pace. My new momentum jewelry bracelet came so I took it for a test drive and I love it!! It’s going to be my motivator during the marathon. I want BOSTON. The weather was really nice and this run felt effortless! 

Saturday: 10 mile easy/long run @ an 8:13 average pace. Kevin ran the first 3 with me and then rode alongside me on the bike for the last 7. It was 70 degrees out and I could tell I’m so not used to running in that kind of heat! I drank ALL the nuun! Kevin was super supportive and motivating too which helped me as I picked the pace up. It turned into a nice almost progressive run! Splits were 9:00, 8:52, 8:23, 8:21, 8:28, 8:09, 7:44, 7:46, 7:46, and 7:41. 

Total Mileage for the week: 56

Last weeks recap: Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 17


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2 Responses to Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 18

  1. Elizabeth C. says:

    Awesome! My friend let me try her Roll Recovery thing and I started screaming! And I don’t even have the upper body strength to get the things apart! LOL. Anyway, you are rocking it. I have a feeling the race will be warm, in which case all of your treadmill work will pay off. I, on the other hand, will be completely un-prepared to tolerate any amount of heat! Looking forward to celebrating with you afterward.

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve been able to use it on my thighs really well now but I still can’t get the calves like I want to lol. I also think the race will be warm but I’m not so sure I will fare any better! We will see!! Excited for us!!

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