Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 19

This week was so weird weather wise. It was beautiful nearly the entire week and it made me wonder what race weather will be like and if I’d have to adjust my race goals because of it. The taper crazies also greeted me towards the end of the week! I can’t believe the race is one week away!! Kevin keeps talking about how excited he is for it and I honestly don’t know who is more excited between the two of us! Here’s how my second to last week of training went:

Sunday: 6 mile easy run turned into a 3 mile trail run. Kevin and I went to Richmond for half the day to check out the James River and ended up turning our 6 mile run into a 3 mile trail run with some beautiful scenery! It was really hot out which made us thankful for the shade from the trees! After our run we stopped at The Answer for some beer flights! 

Monday: 1 up, 6×1 mile repeats with 400m recovery in between, .75 down for 9 total miles @ a 7:15 average pace. Seeing as this was my last speed session before the marathon, I wanted to push myself a little. Judging by the 3 new watch PRs I got, I’d say I accomplished that! Mile splits were 6:47, 6:47, 6:51, 6:55, 6:41, and 6:30. 

Tuesday: Rest day! 

Wednesday: 1 up, 9 tempo, 2 down for 12 total miles @ a 7:42 average pace. This was my last tempo run and I was thrilled to finish it!! The 9 tempo miles averaged out to a 7:20 pace which is 30 seconds faster than my goal marathon pace so I’m feeling very confident that I can meet my goal as long as the weather cooperates! 

Thursday: 9 easy miles @ an 8:51 average pace. I ran the first 6 on my own before Kevin got home and then he joined me for the final 3. It was another hotter than normal day for February in Virginia but it wasn’t humid so it didn’t feel too hard. I’m really hoping the heat wave leaves the area and doesn’t head south for the race! 

Friday: 7 easy miles @ an 8:36 average pace. I needed to rush through this run before picking up all the kiddos for the weekend and I almost forgot to take a picture! We all know it’s “picture or it didn’t happen” with regards to running lol. It’s all easy runs from here to the finish and I’m enjoying every single one! And yes, the heat was still around in Virginia! 

Saturday: 8 mile “long”/easy run @ an 8:31 average pace. I had to take this run to the treadmill because of a looming hail storm that hit shortly after I finished but I didn’t want to risk getting caught in. My youngest woke up from her nap around the same time and wanted to help me stretch. 😊 The taper crazies have also found their way into my home! 😳 

Total Mileage for the week: 48

Last weeks recap: Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 18

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