Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 12

Another week of training is in the books and it was another 50 mile week. I had a great week of runs and only had to change up one – my tempo – because I woke up too late to get the entire run done in time to not be late for work. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been doing this for 12 straight weeks now and I only have 8 weeks to go! I’m so glad my level of excitement is still the same as it was when I began training! Onto the daily recap!

Sunday: 8 mile easy run @ an 8:40 average pace. I ran 6.4 outside and 1.6 on the treadmill. The weather was gorgeous but I didn’t feel like repeating anymore of the same streets I had already run to get another 1.6 miles. My legs felt good considering yesterday’s 15 mile run and I definitely could have run more. Such a good sign that these higher mileage weeks are working on getting my legs ready for the marathon!

Monday: 2 up, 4×1200 with 400 RI, 2 down for 8 total miles @ a 7:39 average pace. Warm up splits were 8:26 and 8:19. 1200 splits were 4:45, 4:45, 4:47, and 4:46 (6:20-6:22 pace). Recovery splits were 2:07, 2:09, 2:09, and 2:09 (8:30-8:45 pace). Cool down splits were 8:24 and 8:20. I mention all the splits because one thing I’m trying to do is speed up my warm up/cool down and recovery paces to push myself a little harder. Typically I run low 9s for those. This run left me feeling super confident in myself and I wish the marathon was closer because I am itching to race 26.2!!

Tuesday: 6 mile easy run @ a 9:02 average pace. I ran 4 before Kevin got home and then he joined me for the last 2. It was supposed to be a rest day but we didn’t have the kids so I figured I would knock it out and use Thursday as a rest day since we do have the kids then. I love having Kevin accompany on my runs! We get to talk and it makes the run go by so much faster. I had so much fun I forgot to take a picture! Lol

Wednesday: 1 up, 6 tempo, 1 down @ a 7:40 average pace. The tempo miles were at a 7:25 average pace – what!! 💪🏻😄 – with progressive splits! 7:32, 7:29, 7:28, 7:23, 7:22, and 7:19. I was supposed to run 8 tempo miles but my bed was so damn comfy this morning so I had to cut the run short. I was bummed at first but when I saw my splits I was totally okay with it!

Thursday: Rest day. I was very excited for this rest day because not only do I love my rest days but Kevin’s family came into town and we got to hang out and the kids were surprised with more Christmas presents.

Friday: 10 mile long run @ an 8:15 average pace. I ran 4.3 outside and 5.7 on the treadmill after work. I didn’t want to have to think about routes for 10 straight miles. Afterwards we drove to Kevin’s sisters house for yet another Christmas. 😂 And of course I had to get a picture with our Steelers flag because it’s playoff weekend!!

Saturday: 10 mile easy run at an 8:46 average pace. I ran on the treadmill because I woke up to some pretty snow and didn’t want to trip or fall and hurt myself before heading to Pittsburgh. And with that, we’re off!! Let’s go Steelers!!

Total Mileage for the week: 50

Last weeks recap: Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 11


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2 Responses to Myrtle Beach Marathon Training – Week 12

  1. Elizabeth C. says:

    Awesome week, Laura. I’ve seen all of these runs on Instagram and it’s nice to see the week come together in one place. You’re doing so well!

    • Runthusiast says:

      Thank you! I tried to comment on your blog post about the races in Florida and it wouldn’t post so I’ll just tell you here! I think it’s awesome that you kept such a positive attitude about it all! Very inspiring!!

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